Suboxone Treatment

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Suboxone treatment is available at the Sober Solutions of Norwalk. Robert Sterling is a board certified addiction medicine specialist treating patients in Norwalk, CT and surrounding areas of Westport, Weston, Wilton, New Canaan, and Greenwich offering comprehensive addiction services. His services include Suboxone treatment, addiction counseling, treatment for mood disorders, and sober living through therapy and outpatient programs.

Suboxone Treatment

How Does Suboxone Treatment Work?

Suboxone is a medication that replaces the chemical effects of opioid drugs in the brain. Opioids, such as heroin, attach to key receptors in the brain. They attach almost perfectly, meaning that the high produced is significant. Suboxone, which is also known as buprenorphine is considered a partial opioid. We say partial because the way it attaches to the receptors that opioids use is clumsy or partial. The contact is less significant. In opioid recovery, Suboxone works because it lasts longer than opioids do. It also takes up many of the receptors that opioid drugs would use. The result is that opioid addicts brain is occupied with Suboxone, so it does not feel deprived of drugs. In short, Suboxone helps break the addiction because it requires that an addict uses fewer opioids because there are fewer cravings. More often than not it does not produce a high. A high usually ensues when a person is opiate naive and most people requiring suboxone are not naive.

What Should I Expect From Suboxone Treatment?

One of the first things you should experience is a decrease in your body's desire for more drugs. You should also feel like a veil is lifting and that you can concentrate on other details of your life besides seeking drugs. There is no real withdrawal. In a day or so after starting Suboxone that horrible feeling you wake up to will be gone. You will feel somewhat like you used to feel before you began opioids. You may also feel remorse and regret as you become more aware of the impact of your addiction. That too shall pass with counseling.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Suboxone Treatment?

Suboxone works to solve addiction problems for those people who use opiates, such as heroin and Vicodin. So anyone who has an addiction to opioids is an ideal candidate.