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Sober living is a type of therapy available at the Sober Solutions of Norwalk clinic. As a board certified addiction specialist, Robert Sterling provides comprehensive addiction care to his patients. Patients in Norwalk, Connecticut and surrounding areas of Westport, Weston, Wilton, New Canaan, and Greenwich have access to Suboxone treatment, addiction counseling, treatment for mood disorders, and sober living.

What Can I Do About Panic Attacks After Getting Sober?

Panic attacks are part of a group of issues that involve mood disorders. We are fearful of something so we panic. One of the best things to do is to come to counseling. Here, you will learn about panic attacks, as well as tools that help you cope with them. By building tools to deal with issues you become stronger in your recovery. Counseling and group provide settings where you can discuss your needs, fears, and where you can find answers. One of the biggest realizations for many addicts is that they are not alone. Others have gone through this before and many are doing well. Getting sober is one step in the journey to recovery. Learning to deal with some of the reasons you used drugs or drank is another step. Panic attacks, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder those are all issues that people might have.

What Will I Learn to Help Me Live a Sober Lifestyle?

Everyone learns something. The biggest thing that we learn that helps people live a sober lifestyle is to recognize situations and feelings that might lead to relapse. To help you deal with those situations and feelings we teach you tools that you can use to succeed in your recovery. How to cope is one set of tools that we teach. How to recognize negative thinking and behaviors is another set of tools. We offer a complete tool chest and we pair that counseling so that you learn how to live sober.

What About My Friends?

Friends is a subjective term. Anyone who stands in the way of your sobriety is not really your friend. Sobriety is a path that you walk alone. There are guides - people who help you succeed - along the way, but this is a journey about you. Friends are good if they are part of the solution. If not, you can learn how to live sober and clean by creating a network of positive people.

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