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Through the Sober Solutions of Norwalk, Robert Sterling offers addiction care and treatment. He is a board-certified addiction medicine specialist bringing comprehensive addiction services to Norwalk, Connecticut and the surrounding communities including Westport, Weston, Wilton, New Canaan, and Greenwich. His services include addiction counseling, mood disorders, Suboxone treatment, and sober living through outpatient programs.

How Does Addiction Counseling Work?

Often when an addict has just entered recovery, and the withdrawals are over they become aware of many aspects of their life. There might also be impairment, lingering symptoms of addiction, and other issues such as family dynamics that exist. Addiction counseling helps address all of these issues and others too by imparting skills and tools that help people change negative behaviors and introduce positive behaviors into their daily lives. There are several different forms or structures for addiction counseling. Concepts include goals, mechanism of action, change, and causative factors. These are all a part of addiction counseling.

Is Addiction Counseling in Group Format?

Addiction counseling can be in a group format, or it might be private counseling. Many times the approach is both group and private counseling. The format for addiction counseling is addressed on a patient-by-patient basis. People are individuals, and as such, each of us has different needs. So the approach to addiction counseling is unique for everyone. In realizing that fact, we offer greater success to more people. Group counseling is a great way to understand the recovery process both from your perspective and from the perspective of others.

What if I Need One-On-One Counseling?

One-on-one counseling is important, and it is very much part of most addiction recovery plans. There are pieces of your recovery that you will need to address and those are not only deeply personal, but they also are difficult and sometimes take some time to work through. What is important is that as you go through addiction counseling, you gain new awareness about yourself, build new tools to help you cope, and to also learn to recognize warning signs of a relapse situation. To help with building social skills and to help you hone the tools that you are learning to use, group therapy is also applicable.

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