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Meet Dr. Robert E Sterling, MD, DABAM

Dr. Sterling has been practicing medicine for forty years. In addition to his board certification in Addiction Medicine, he was residency trained in Family Practice, ran several Ambulatory Care and Occupational Medicine Centers for twenty-two years. 

As a specialist in Substance Abuse Disorders, Dr. Sterling offers his patients a broad range of competencies. His training and experience foster an approach to addiction recovery that is both holistic and empathetic. 

"Addiction" is not just a disease of “substance abuse” but one of conditioned memory which takes the act of drug and alcohol use and associates that use with routine activities of daily living. These attendant behaviors become the actuators sparking another round of substance use because of the body’s inborn association with the drug. 

Dr. Sterling offers a variety of methods for the treatment of substance use disorders, all of which are evidence-based. He also helps people understand their rights as a class under the Americans with Disabilities Act. His training helps people regain their place in the working world and promotes the return of patients to their former state of good health.